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Congratulations to the the winner of the brand-new Audi A4

  • Thank you everyone for your participation, this contest ended on 30th April 2019.

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Thank you everyone for your participation, this contest ended on 30th April 2019.

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Audi Service.
Home knows best.

We know your Audi like no one else. And we go to great lengths to make sure it performs at its very best. Need proof? Discover 100 reasons why you should come home to Audi below.

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    Congratulations to Ms Grace Ang for winning the Audi A4 giveaway lucky draw!

    You have won yourself a brand-new Audi A4 equipped with Audi Genuine Accessories.


    - Audi Genuine Accessories

    - 3-year complimentary service package

    - 5-year warranty

    Terms and conditions apply.

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100 reasons to come home to Audi Service Centre

1. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.
2. Our mantra is Audi Top Service: customers are our top priority.
3. We serve you pastries and chocolates.
4. We serve you tasty local tidbits.
5. You can have your fill of gourmet Italian coffee.
6. Our baristas are trained by master roasters from Spinelli.
7. Our comfort lounge is spotless and tidy.
8. You can browse issues of Audi Magazine and do a bit of leisurely reading.
9. Every customer is served by at least two service personnel.
10. We’re easily accessible, with outlets at Ubi and Alexandra.
11. Our lounge has a soothing, relaxing ambiance. Ahhh...
12. We have free Wi-Fi! What else does one need?!
13. You can get a free ride home aboard the Audi A8 Top Service Shuttle.
14. We serve up surprise treats on festive occasions.
15. We assign you the same Service Advisor who knows your needs on every visit.
16. You’ll get extra attention from our Customer Support Assistant.
17. Our service teams are friendly and professional.
18. You can manage everything easily on the Audi Top Service app.
19. You’ll enjoy great promos via the Audi Top Service app.
20. We constantly upgrade our outlets to enhance your experience.
21. We have 150 dedicated people, here to serve you.
22. You’ll get a personal reminder before every service appointment.
23. We’ll give you a taxi voucher for your journey home.
24. You’ll enjoy privileged pricing if you choose to drive an Audi on Demand vehicle back.
25. You can book a visit easily via the Audi Top Service app or the myAudiworld portal.
26. We are the only one-stop-shop for everything your Audi needs.
27. We send you reminders when your Audi is due for regular service.
28. You get privileged discounts for Audi Genuine Parts when you sign up for the Audi CarService Plus Package.
29. We get your Audi in pristine condition with our pre-inspection service.
30. We give your Audi a complimentary 12-point health check on every visit.
31. We only use high quality Audi authorised engine oil that lets your engine perform at its best.
32. You can use the Audi Top Service App to learn more about your Audi.
33. You can get 24/7 roadside assistance via the Audi Top Service App.
34. We offer a convenient pick-up-and-delivery service.
35. You can have two experts service your vehicle in just 90 minutes with the Audi Priority Service.
36. We act on all your feedback to make things better for you.
37. We’re building a new business centre and VIP lounge for you.
38. Each of our Service Managers has had 200 hours of mandatory training.
39. Owners of pre-owned Audi vehicles can access their Audi’s latest service records for a nominal fee.
40. We are family here, and we make you feel part of it too.
41. We give you special privileges on your Audi’s birthday.
42. You’ll get invited to tech talks to learn more about your Audi. .
43. You can tap into our experts’ knowledge on vehicle maintenance.
44. You can unlock exclusive events via the Audi Car Service Plus Package.
45. We only use Audi Genuine Parts, which carry a 2-year warranty.
46. All parts we use are genuine―100% guaranteed.
47. Audi Genuine Parts are tailored perfectly to your Audi.
48. We use strict tests to ensure the safety, comfort and durability of Audi Genuine Parts.
49. Our Audi Genuine Windscreen Washer fluid offers the smoothest cleaning performance possible.
50. You can pimp your ride with tailor-made Audi Genuine Accessories.
51. Even our Audi Genuine Accessories are stress-tested to perform at their best.
52. We abuse our wheels with acid during quality testing to ensure they can withstand anything.
53. Our genuine Audi child seats are impact-tested to ensure safety.
54. Even our floor mats must ace extreme climate and endurance tests.
55. All our Audi Genuine Accessories come with a two-year warranty.
56. We stock up an extensive supply of parts.
57. Our 78 workbays make us the largest Audi workshop in Singapore.
58. We are the only Southeast Asian workshop certified in Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer repairs, which were once limited to the racing world.
59. Our x-ray equipment enables us to check for hairline cracks in the Audi A8 and Audi R8.
60. We have dedicated service bays and staff for Audi Sport models.
61. We bring you first-hand info on the latest tech updates.
62. Our equipment allows your vehicle to sync and download updates from the factory in Germany where it was built.
63. We use endoscopes to inspect hard-to-reach areas.
64. Our Glycol Test Tool detects contamination that’s invisible to the naked eye.
65. Our state-of-the-art collision repair centre gets your Audi road-ready ASAP.
66. We use tire warmers, like those in motor racing, for a closer fit to the rim.
67. Our technicians communicate directly with engineers in the Audi factory—and in German too!
68. We have the first Running Gear Competence Centre outside of Germany.
69. We use laser beams to pinpoint problems in wheel alignment.
70. Our Running Gear Competence Centre exists to ensure your ride is smooth.
71. Our new Body and Paint Shop lets us handle up to 60% more vehicles than before.
72. We get scientific with paint blending, so every Audi is the perfect shade.
73. As an Audi Authorised Collision Centre, we can get any wreck road-ready again.
74. Our Direct Reception Bays give you a first-hand understanding of our services.
75. We have hundreds of specialised tools for different models and engine types.
76. We are the regional training centre for all Service Centres in Southeast Asia.
77. Most of our technicians have worked on Audi for at least five years.
78. We pride ourselves in our highly efficient service.
79. No issue is too big for us to handle.
80. We complete 4,500 hours of training a year. That's how serious we are.
81. Our trainers conduct trainings so often, we’ve decided to rent out their desks.
82. All our technicians go through 14.5 days of basic training.
83. New technicians go through 2 full days of exams to be certified to service your Audi.
84. We have a precise training and testing process for all our technicians.
85. All our diagnostic technicians go through a mandatory 10-day training program.
86. The complexity of Audi vehicles means that our technicians have to be experts in diverse fields.
87. We ensure ALL your concerns are properly analysed and addressed.
88. We have Master Technicians who oversee the teams that service your Audi.
89. We wanted to call our Master Technicians Jedi Masters, but it was taken.
90. Our Master Technicians, go through 22 days of advanced technical training.
91. Our highest qualified technicians are called Master Technicians.
92. We insist on 10 days of special training to be a certified aluminium welder.
93. Our certified aluminium welders have to renew their certification every 3 years.
94. We keep our teams well versed with the latest products, services, and technical know-how.
95. All service employees go for at least five training days a year.
96. With the support of our German HQ team, there’s no problem we can’t solve.
97. We even have guidelines on exactly how tight each screw should be.
98. Our staff go for three full training days to master each new Audi model.
99. Our team adheres to a strict code: discipline, attention to safety and professionalism.
100. We have well defined guidelines for every single process. We are German, after all ;)