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30 TFSI S tronic
SGD 140,776

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    SGD 140,776
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    SGD 140,776

The engines of the all-new Audi Q2.

Downsizing was yesterday. The Audi Q2 follows the principle of 'rightsizing': the perfect combination of vehicle class, displacement, performance, torque and efficiency under everyday conditions. For absolute driving fun inside and outside the city. Its powerful engines are the main reason the Audi Q2 is so much fun to drive. Its gasoline engine is all grown up with respect to refinement and power development. The 1.0 litre TFSI engine produces a power output of 85 kW (116 hp) and 200 Nm of torque. The 1.4 litre TFSI engine produces a power output of 110 kW (150 hp) and 250 Nm of torque.

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30 TFSI S tronic

SGD 140,776

  • 999 
  • 116 hp

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    The TFSI engines

    The all-new Audi Q2 comes in two engine variants. One variant is the exceptionally efficient 1.0 TFSI three-cylinder engine that has a power output of 85 kW (116 hp) and a torque of 200 Nm between 2,000 and 3,500 rpm. The second variant is the 1.4 TFSI four-cylinder which has a power output of 110 kW (150 hp) and a torque of 250 Nm. The sporty and efficient seven-speed S tronic comes standard with the TFSI variants, completing an all-rounded performance for the progressive city adventurer.

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    Progressive steering

    Progressive steering is standard in the Audi Q2. Its steering rack is designed so that the steering ratio becomes increasingly direct when turning. This allows the new Q2 to be steered agilely and precisely with little steering effort in downtown traffic and on winding country roads. The electro-mechanically driven and thus highly efficient steering adapts its assistance to speed and works together with the optional Audi active lane assist and park assist.

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    Audi drive select

    The Q2 can also roll off the assembly line with Audi drive select. Drivers can select from five modes that influence the driving characteristics: comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency and individual. In the basic configuration, Audi drive select affects the engine characteristic and the power steering. The Q2 is also well-suited to off-road conditions with the ESC Offroad mode and 20 centimeters of ground clearance.

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    Seamless gear change

    The S tronic allows gear changes with virtually no interruption of traction.