• A3 Sportback
    A3 Sportback
    Experience hatchback comfort powered by sporty performance and handling.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 4.8 l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 111 g/km

  • A3 Cabriolet
    A3 Cabriolet
    Enjoy unlimited freedom and the wind in your hair with the cabriolet.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 5.3 l/100 km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 121 g/km

  • S3 Sedan
    S3 Sedan
    Thrilling performance. S specific exterior. Bring sportiness to another level.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 6.5 l/100km

    CO2 emissions:, combined: 151 g/km

  • S3 Sportback
    S3 Sportback
    The sportback brings you more power, more sportiness, more driving enjoyment.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 6.6 l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 152 g/km

  • RS 3 Sedan
    RS 3 Sedan
    Featuring advanced technology and a refined interior, the new top athlete in the compact segment is your sports car for the everyday.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 8.4 l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 190 g/km

  • RS 3 Sportback
    RS 3 Sportback
    Thrilling at record speed.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 8.4 l/100 km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 191 g/km

  • A4 Avant
    A4 Avant
    Progress is refined. Aesthetic design meets functional utility.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 5.4-6.5 l/100 km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 129-149 g/km

  • SQ5
    Stunning performance, everyday applicability and progressive technology.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 8.7l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 200g/km

  • TT Roadster
    TT Roadster
    There’s only one better way to experience the joy of the Audi TT - and that’s with the roof down.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 8.3 – 8.4 l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 189 - 189 g/km

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45 TFSI quattro tiptronic
SGD 307,800

  • Basic price
    SGD 307,800
  • Optional equipment
    SGD 0
  • Price
    SGD 307,800

Outstanding efficiency.

Impressive dynamics.

The Audi Q7 is athletic, timeless, and unique. Written in the new design language, it is characterised by precise edges and lines, and commands an even more striking presence. It is masculine, yet light. The Audi Q7 is the result of an ambitious vision to never stop getting better.

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45 TFSI quattro tiptronic

SGD 307,800

  • 1984 
  • 252 hp

No engine found.

No motors are available for this type of fuel in the equipment line currently selected.


  • Displacement
  • Horsepower
  • 563x317_AQ7_151007.jpg
    tiptronic and Audi drive select

    The 8-speed tiptronic and Audi drive select allows you to go from efficient in “efficiency” mode, to very sporty in “dynamic” mode. Experience improved cornering and optional all-wheel steering, enhancing your drive on any road.

  • 563x317_AQ7_151010.jpg
    quattro. Confidence in every situation.

    35 years of quattro. A never-ending success story. In the new Q7, experience impressive traction and excellent driving dynamics.