• A3 Sportback
    A3 Sportback
    Experience hatchback comfort powered by sporty performance and handling.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 4.8 l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 111 g/km

  • A3 Cabriolet
    A3 Cabriolet
    Enjoy unlimited freedom and the wind in your hair with the cabriolet.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 5.3 l/100 km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 121 g/km

  • S3 Sedan
    S3 Sedan
    Thrilling performance. S specific exterior. Bring sportiness to another level.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 6.5 l/100km

    CO2 emissions:, combined: 151 g/km

  • S3 Sportback
    S3 Sportback
    The sportback brings you more power, more sportiness, more driving enjoyment.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 6.6 l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 152 g/km

  • RS 3 Sedan
    RS 3 Sedan
    Featuring advanced technology and a refined interior, the new top athlete in the compact segment is your sports car for the everyday.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 8.4 l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 190 g/km

  • RS 3 Sportback
    RS 3 Sportback
    Thrilling at record speed.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 8.4 l/100 km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 191 g/km

  • SQ5
    Stunning performance, everyday applicability and progressive technology.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 8.7l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 200g/km

  • TT Roadster
    TT Roadster
    There’s only one better way to experience the joy of the Audi TT - and that’s with the roof down.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 8.3 – 8.4 l/100km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 189 - 189 g/km

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