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Audi offers a range of services to cater for your every need.

Pick-up and Delivery Service

We understand that time is of the essence; hence we provide Audi island-wide pick-up and delivery service to reduce the hassle at a small fee.

When it is time for your scheduled service, simply give us a call at a convenient time for you, and we will collect your Audi from your home or work address. Your Audi will be delivered at an arranged time once the requested service has been completed.

• At a small fee of $40* each way.
• Please contact the Audi Customer Service at +65 6366 2323 to make your request.

Pre-Vicom Inspection Service

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Get a peace of mind by bringing your Audi in for the Audi Pre-Vicom Inspection Service.
We will ensure that your Audi is ready before sending your vehicle for the Vicom Inspection on your behalf. We take pride in ensuring that your Audi is always in pristine condition, hence your Audi will be washed and vacuumed before the vehicle is returned to you, along with your Vicom certificate.

• The package includes a pre-check service to ensure Vicom-readiness, complimentary delivery and collection to and from Vicom for the inspection as well as complimentary wash and vacuum.
• All-inclusive package at $200*.

*Package price is not inclusive of GST.

In-between Oil Change Service

Upkeep the functionality and service life of your engine.
‬If your Audi is not yet due for the factory-scheduled service, but you wish to have your oil changed, bring in your vehicle and get a complimentary 12-point health check. We will also wash & vacuum your Audi before your vehicle is returned to you.

• Audi only uses high-quality oil specified for your vehicle’s engine to ensure that your engine always functions at its optimum level.
• From $180

Audi recommends changing the engine oil more often than factory-scheduled if you drive mostly short distances, operate the vehicle in dusty areas, or under predominantly stop-and-go traffic conditions.

Tyre Change Service

Check your tyres regularly to ensure optimum driving comfort.
‬Be safer and ensure more driving comfort if tyres are well maintained. It is also imperative that owners replace tyres when they are due to avoid aquaplaning.

• Bring your Audi in for a Tyre Change Service, and be assured that our Audi Service facilities have the proper knowledge and are equipped with the required tools and replacement parts for your Audi.

How can you tell if your tyres are due for a change? Refer to the guide below to see if your tyres are worn out:

If your tyre treads have reached the minimum tread depth - measured in the tread grooves next to the wear indicators* - it is time to change the tyres.

*The image is for illustration purposes. The letter "TWI" or triangles on the tyre sidewall indicate the location of the tread-wear indicators. The location may differ from tyre to tyre.
Audi Singapore is also the first outside of Germany to introduce the Running Gear Competence Centre, with specialised equipment & tools that offer measurements and adjustments as precise as possible for your tyres.
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Our Audi partners look forward to advising you. Find a nearby Audi partner and arrange an appointment with them directly.