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8 things you may not know about Audi on demand

Here’s what you can expect from Audi’s premium mobility service.

Audi on demand is the brand’s premium mobility service that offers use of Audi cars from as short as 4 hours to a month or more. It’s perfect for spontaneous weekend escapades or special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and even corporate events.

The entire Audi on demand journey is nothing short of the premium luxury experience the brand is synonymous with. Simply book your Audi online then pick it up from Audi Centre Singapore or have it delivered to you. You can also drive with peace of mind knowing that every Audi on demand vehicle is covered by a comprehensive third-party insurance policy.

Read on to find out more about the service.

It’s like a test drive, but longer


Test drives usually last 20 minutes, and for some, the quick stint behind the wheel may not be enough for a personal evaluation of a model. This is where Audi on demand comes in as it gives you more freedom with the car. Simply pick the Audi model of your choice, book it and you’ll have the car for a longer period of time, allowing you to get a better feel of it before making your final decision.

You can drive it to Malaysia

With borders easing up and everything almost back to normal, weekend getaways to Malaysia are possible again. What better way to embark on these road trips than with an Audi? Anyone above 23 years old with at least 2 years of driving experience can enjoy the Audi on demand service, and if you plan ahead, you can drive your Audi into Malaysia (with a surcharge) for some casual driving — simply select this option under “Add-On Items” when you make your booking.

The Audi e-tron is in the fleet


Still on the fence about going electric? Perhaps more time with an electric vehicle can help and Audi on demand makes this possible. Audi’s all-electric model is in the line-up, meaning you can select the Audi e-tron, pick it up from Audi Centre Singapore and take as much time as you need with it to get the full electric vehicle experience.

On top of that, it also has a unique perk that sets it apart. Unlike the other non-electric models which you have to return with a full tank of fuel, you are not required to charge the Audi e-tron to 100% when returning it to the Audi Centre, as long as it has a minimum range of 50 km left. Should the battery run low while in use, Audi on demand highly recommends popping by any of the SP Group public charging stations for a power up.

For SGD388, the Audi e-tron 50 quattro can be at your disposal for a full day, giving you the opportunity to experience the EV’s functions and performance first hand.

There is a wide selection of models


You don’t have to worry about finding a model to fit the occasion. Whether you’re looking for an SUV for a day out with the family, a two-door for an intimate date, or a spacious sedan for corporate use, Audi on demand has a whole suite of its luxury sedan, SUV and Sportback models available.

For sedans, you can take your pick from the Audi A3 to Audi A6. On top of the Audi e-tron, SUV models Audi Q2 to Audi Q5 are available, and the Sportback line-up has Audi A1 Sportback to Audi A5 Sportback. The open-top Audi TT Roadster is also in the Audi on demand catalogue for SGD200 for four hours.

The Audi concierge at your service


No Audi experience is complete without the brand’s premium customer service. Complementing Audi’s premium mobility service is the Audi concierge who will be there for you every step of the way, making it hassle-free and more convenient, and personalising the service to your needs with the human touch.

Aside from helping to deliver and pick up your Audi on demand vehicle (except the Audi e-tron), the Audi concierge can also brief you on the features of the model to help familiarise you with the car — especially useful if you will be driving that particular Audi model for the first time.

No detail is left out when it comes to the Audi on demand experience, should you need additional accessories such as car seats or cash cards, the Audi concierge can also assist in adding those to your booking, as long as you let them know ahead of time.

Furbabies are welcome

When your pet is part of the family, it’s hard to go on a weekend getaway without them in tow. The good news is, pets are allowed inside Audi on demand vehicles as long as they are in their carrier at all times. Not only is this safer for your pets and help them feel more secure (especially if they are not used to being in a moving vehicle), this also helps maintain the highest possible standards of the vehicles for you and other users.

There is room for spontaneity


Audi on demand is available for booking three hours prior to the booking start time (within the service operating hours of 9am to 8pm on Mondays to Saturdays and 10am to 7pm on Sundays), so you don’t have to worry about spur of the moment ideas. However, as with all bookings, this is subject to vehicle availability and the minimum booking is 4 hours. You can also plan ahead and book up to 6 months in advance.

Book for a month or more, for less

While Audi on demand allows you to book an Audi from 4 hours to a month, AOD advantage extends the contract period to monthly and beyond. Not only do you get the same Audi for a longer period, you also enjoy greater savings with special AOD advantage rates which are inclusive of GST, road tax, servicing and maintenance, insurance, and 24 hours roadside assistance.