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13 Apr 2022

Which Audi RS 3 is for you?

Can’t decide between the Audi RS 3 Sedan and RS 3 Sportback? Take our short quiz to find out which of the brand’s RS 3 sports cars is for you.

The Audi RS 3 is one of the brand’s sports car offerings that beautifully marries high-performance with luxurious design. Since its launch, the Audi RS 3’s five-cylinder turbocharged engine has been one of the most powerful in the compact car segment and it is no surprise that Audi’s 2.5 TFSI engine has won “International Engine of the Year” nine times in a row.

The new RS 3 launch is of the second and third generation of the Audi RS 3 Sedan and RS 3 Sportback respectively and both offer even better performance than its predecessors with increased torque and power. It also has higher top speed and an acceleration which is currently unmatched in the compact segment.


RS torque splitter and RS Performance mode

Driving experience is elevated in the new Audi RS 3 with the introduction of the RS torque splitter — its first time to be installed in an Audi. This makes the RS 3 more exhilarating and dynamic, and gives it optimal stability and maximum agility especially during cornering.

The sports car also gets an upgrade with two new driving modes unique to the RS 3: RS Performance and RS Torque Rear, the former designed for racetrack driving while the latter makes drifting possible. This is on top of the existing efficiency, comfort, auto, dynamic and individual modes, totaling seven Audi drive select options in the RS 3.

Design that’s unmistakably Audi RS 3

The new RS 3 cars have redesigned exterior and interior elements such as an upgraded Singleframe showing a larger honeycomb grille with larger air intakes. The optional Matrix LED headlights come with RS 3-specific light signature in its daytime running lights and coming home and leaving home sequences.

The Audi RS 3 Sedan and Audi RS 3 Sportback are two peas in a pod — they have the same power under the hood with the same driving, safety and infotainment features. However, the two models offer two different body styles to suit various needs and preferences. Can’t decide between the two? We’ve prepared a short quiz to help you decide.

Quiz: Which Audi RS 3 is for you?


1. What kind of configuration are you looking for?

A. Four-door.
B. Five-door.


2. Which car boot style would you go for?

A. Classic boot, segregated from the main cabin.
B. Hatchback boot, direct access to the main cabin.


3. Which one of these roof designs attracts you more?

A. A classic and sleek roofline with a tailgate spoiler.
B. A sporty and stylish roofline with an edge spoiler.


4. Will you need a roof rail?

A. No, I don’t need it at all.
B. Yes, I need it for my bulky gear and equipment.


5. While the difference is slight, how important is extra headroom for rear passengers to you?

A. I consider the difference negligible.
B. More headroom is always better.

If you answered:


Mostly As:

The Audi RS 3 Sedan might be the model for you. You prefer a classic body style featuring four doors for passenger access and a separate boot. With a sedan, you get a sleeker roofline with a car boot door opening that only has direct access to the boot and not the main interior cabin. You may fold the seats down if you need to access the cabin from the boot.


Mostly Bs:

You might be more suited for the Audi RS 3 Sportback. The rear door, or the ‘fifth door’, includes the rear window and opens upwards. With the passenger seats folded down, you’ll be able to fit larger and bulkier items more easily. Because of the roof design, you’ll also be able to install roof rails (which you can’t in a sedan) giving you more room to transport oversized items such as sporting equipment like canoes and bicycles.

While the quiz may have helped steer you in the right direction based on your preferences, there is no better way to really connect with a car than with a test drive in real time.