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20 Dec 2021

Yasminne recommends: Sustainable Year-End Activities

The festive year-end celebrations are known to generate extra waste which can be worrying for the eco-conscious. Yasminne Cheng shares some tips on how to give your festivities a sustainable touch for guilt-free merrymaking.

Sustainability has always been one of Audi’s core beliefs and since the launch of its Mission:Zero campaign, the brand’s environmental goals have been reinforced and have been the driving force behind its processes and activities along the entire value chain.

While the company has been working towards reducing its carbon footprint and a more sustainable future, small individual efforts can also make an impact if done regularly or as part of the lifestyle.

In Singapore, the numbers are looking positive — according to the National Environment Agency 2020 waste and recycling report, there was 19% less waste generated last year, making it the fourth year since 2017 that Singapore had less waste than the preceding year. However, the largest contributor of waste was from paper and cardboard as a result of increased online shopping and home deliveries during stay home months.

This year-end, why not do your part in minimising your environmental impact by gifting experiences instead of material things that may generate extra waste. Here are some sustainable activities as recommended by Mediacorp CLASS 95 DJ and Audi Brand Ambassador Yasminne Cheng.



Image from Restaurant Labyrinth.

“Sometimes, we are too focused on the ‘daily’ that we don’t think of sustainability on a larger scale,” said Yasminne. “Sustainability can also translate to supporting companies that source locally and you can do this even in simple things like picking out where to eat.”

If dining out, opt for establishments that have strong sustainability practices like Restaurant Labyrinth. Not only is this homegrown restaurant number 40 in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list, it has also been awarded the Flor de Caña Sustainable Restaurant Award 2021 for its commitment to sustainability. Chef-owner Han Lu Guang is big on practicing a culinary philosophy built on responsibly understanding produce, ingredients, and taste profiles while championing a locavore cause of supporting the local farmers and community. He has also removed most single-use plastics in the restaurant and he keeps food waste to a minimum.



Image from Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore.

The year-end is a great opportunity for some bonding time with family and friends and a staycation makes a good option for anyone looking to satiate their wanderlust. The next best thing to leisure travel? A staycation at a sustainably-designed hotel for a change of scene. “There are times you just need a break, right? But you also want to know you’re being mindful of your actions to the environment,” said Yasminne.

For example, the Oasia Hotel Downtown has numerous sustainable features aside from its obvious green façade. Its ‘tower of green’ is home to about 20 species of creepers and the hotel has a number of naturally ventilated sky terraces. The building was also designed to maximise natural cross-ventilation and lighting to increase efficiency and combat greenhouse effects in rooms.



If you would rather have the festivities closer to home with a small year-end gathering, it’s good to be aware of how you prepare for it. “I think people forget that every little eco-friendly action counts, and these small acts can have significant effects in the long run. Think about how much plastic you’re cutting down when you tell your guests not to bring single-use plastics for potlucks!” said Yasminne.

Here are more tips on how to throw a more sustainable year-end party:

  • Use reusable containers for potlucks or as serving dishes as much as possible.
  • Include more plant-based food options on the menu, or if you and your guests want to be fully committed — go plant-based all the way!
  • Minimise use of disposable partyware by using utensils from your home.
  • Serve homemade drinks to reduce the need to buy bottled drinks. But if you have to, make sure you keep the plastic (or glass) bottles for recycling later on.
  • Resist the urge to buy new decorations to minimise wastage. Put up whatever you currently have or use sustainable or upcycled materials if you plan to make your own.
  • Have a kid who has a lot of drawings at home? Why not use those to wrap gifts instead of buying new wrapping paper.

Make sustainability a part of your life

“The most important thing to remember is that sustainability is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to be in it for the long run so consistency is key,” shared Yasminne. And we couldn’t agree more.