• RS Q8
    RS Q8
    Performance in a new dimension. The Audi RS Q8.

    Fuel consumption, combined: 12.1 l/100 km

    CO2 emissions, combined: 276 g/km

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  • leadingfromthefront_568x317.jpg
    Leading from the front: the Audi RS

    The RS represents the sportiest and most exciting members of their respective product lines. They give their owners a perfect blend of thrilling racetrack performance and everyday usability.

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  • sporty-electric-SUV_568x317.jpg
    Audi's sporty electric SUV - Q4 Sportback e-tron concept

    The latest exciting news is that Audi’s compact electric SUV line up now has a second model on the way – the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron.

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  • audi-etron-electrifying_568x317.jpg
    Audi e-tron electrifying the world

    The Audi e-tron, the first fully electric model from the brand with the four rings, has rapidly become the worldwide market leader in its segment.

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  • OLED-technology_568x317.jpg
    Lighting that "talks" - Audi's next-gen OLED technology

    Imagine taillights that can warn your fellow drivers of upcoming hazards such as a traffic jam or flash flood? These are the futuristic possibilities made possible by Audi – the first car manufacturer to digitise taillights.

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  • AI-ME_568x317.jpg
    Taking AI:ME at the future

    Imagine gliding along the PIE in your Audi while you sit round a table sharing a relaxing dinner with the family. This is the kind of user experience Audi is exploring with the visionary mobility concept: the Audi AI:ME.

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  • NZ_e-tron_Driving_Experience_thumbnail_568x317.jpg
    Two Audi fans from Singapore go all electric in New Zealand with the Audi e-tron

    Two long-time Audi fans tell us more about their two-day experience getting behind the wheel of the Audi e-tron in Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Jon_chua_thumbnail_568x317.jpg
    Getting in tune with musician Jon Chua

    The singer shares his passion for both the art and business sides of the music industry, as well as his special love for a sexy car.

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  • interview-Markus_568x317.jpg
    Driving into a sustainable, electrified future: an interview with Markus Schuster, MD of Audi Singapore

    With new electric vehicle (EV) adoption incentives announced in this year’s Budget, we hear how Audi will be setting the pace of Singapore’s electric revolution.

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  • A1_Sportback_thumbnail_568x317.jpg
    Say hello to the new Audi A1 Sportback

    Audi threw an epic party for the all-new A1 Sportback, and select group of Audi owners, customers and media got a sneak peek at the sexy luxury compact car.

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