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  • Nuspace-Zhen-ning-thumbnail-568x317.jpg
    Let’s Talk: NuSpace – Achieving the extraordinary

    When Ng Zhen Ning co-founded NuSpace to build Internet of Things (IoT) nanosatellites in November 2018, many did not believe that the company would survive. Today, he is the CEO of a company that is transforming Singapore into Asia’s Space Hub.

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  • Leon-Foo-Sustainable-coffee-thumbnail-568x317.jpg
    Let’s Talk: Sustainability through a responsible coffee chain

    The magic of coffee lies in the ecosystem that’s behind the humble bean. Leon Foo, founder of PPP Coffee, walks us through what’s beyond your daily brew.

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  • Esports_Jenny_thumbnail_568x317.jpg
    Let’s Talk: Esports shoutcasting and how to deliver top performance

    We catch up with esports shoutcaster Jenny “Reirachu” Lee who gives us some insights into the industry.

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    Designing for sustainability: Green buildings in Singapore

    Around the island, buildings are being designed to reduce impact to the environment — we take a look at four such sustainable buildings.

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  • Stories-Markus-and-young-superfans-thumbnail-568x317.jpg
    An Audi Day Out with Young Superfans

    With Children’s Day around the corner, we gave two young superfans a fun-filled day out at Audi Centre Singapore with Audi Singapore’s Managing Director.

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    Postcards from Singapore

    As we celebrate Singapore's upcoming 56th year of independence, we take the Audi e-tron Sportback for a night spin to visit three picturesque historical monuments that have great influence over the nation's history and future.

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    Turning 25: The Hopes and Dreams of Three Inspirational Young Singaporean Adults

    25 years ago, Audi launched the world’s first premium compact car – the Audi A3. We check in with 3 young Singaporeans who are also turning 25 to learn more about the great strides they have made in their lives.

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  • Audi-Stories-Father_s-day-thumbnail-568x317.jpg
    Let’s Talk: Commitment to higher performance drives father and daughter

    The father, Hamkah Afik, is a former national sprint with medals from SEA Games, who now coaches his daughter, Haanee Hamkah, a budding national runner.

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    Where to Charge Your e-tron

    For days when you’re out and about, here are our recommendations of places to visit while getting in a bit of charge into your Audi e-tron.

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  • Audi-Stories-Audiobooks-Story-thumbnail-568x317.jpg
    5 Audiobooks to Spice Up Your Day and Refresh Your Mind

    5 Audiobooks to Spice Up Your Day and Refresh Your Mind

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  • Audi-Stories-Mothers-Day-story-thumbnail-568x317.jpg
    Let's Talk: Sustainable living as part of family values

    Mothers are our role models. Their values influences our values. We meet a mother-daughter duo who is championing sustainable living through their own ways.

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  • refreshing-nature-drive_568x317.jpg
    A refreshing nature-themed drive and staycation with Audi on demand

    There’s actually so much on our doorstep we may not know about. With Audi on demand, we can help you escape the everyday stresses and satisfy some of those travel cravings.

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  • NZ_e-tron_Driving_Experience_thumbnail_568x317.jpg
    Two Audi fans from Singapore go all electric in New Zealand with the Audi e-tron

    Two long-time Audi fans tell us more about their two-day experience getting behind the wheel of the Audi e-tron in Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Yasminne_s-sustainable-year-end-activities-masthead-1400x840.jpg
    Yasminne recommends: Sustainable Activities

    Festive celebrations are known to generate extra waste which can be worrying for the eco-conscious. Yasminne Cheng shares some tips on how to give your festivities a sustainable touch for guilt-free merrymaking.

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