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Careers at Audi Singapore

Careers at Audi Singapore

Joining Audi

Audi employs a total of more than 60,000 employees worldwide, and it has presence in more than 100 markets. The organization’s core values of progressiveness, sportiness and sophistication form the foundation of the company culture. The company slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” means progress through technology and highlights the importance that Audi places in progressiveness and sophistication.

In our recruitment, we look out for individuals who are passionate about cars and have values that are aligned with the company core values. We are interested in individuals who have a keen interest in growing with the company and bringing the brand to greater heights.

Audi Singapore

Audi Singapore was first established in 2008. It has grown year on year, not just in its presence in Singapore, but also in terms of the size and diversity of the Audi Singapore team.

Audi Singapore imports and distributes vehicle parts, providing regional after sales, training and technical services.


An internship at Audi Singapore provides an invaluable first-hand experience to students who are interested in embarking on a career in the automobile industry. One of the perks of being an intern at Audi Singapore is the opportunity to be involved in regional projects.

Mid-term professionals

Mid-term professionals can look forward to a rewarding and enriching career at Audi Singapore. Employees are often given the opportunity to push their limits by undertaking challenging assignments. Prospective employees from all fields and industries are welcome as long as the individual has the relevant knowledge, expertise and skills required for the job.

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