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A1 Sportback

New A1 Sportback

More style. More technology.
More fun.
The new Audi A1 Sportback.

The new Audi A1 Sportback combines dynamic design with everyday practicality. It is the perfect urban companion that doesn’t compromise on style or detail. The newly refined interior offers new levels of spaciousness and comfort, making it the perfect drive for longer adventures.

Make it your own
The new A1 Sportback is available in a variety of colour options. Multiple customisation options are available too, including the option to pick a contrasting colour for the roof, side front spoiler lips and side sills.
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The exterior: striking by design.

The low and wide singleframe grille and the side air inlets dominate the distinctive front. Below the edge of the hood are three flat slits – a homage to the Sport quattro, the brand’s rally icon. The eye-catching new design isn’t all that is on offer. The A1 Sportback offers an extraordinary listening experience too. The rigid body and uncompromising build quality guarantee a sporty driving experience with minimal interior road noise.


Fully connected: brains and beauty.

Packed with intelligent technologies, for example a high-resolution all-digital instrument cluster with 10.25 inch display, multi-function steering wheel, touchscreen controls and smartphone interface, the new A1 Sportback combines brains and beauty.

Bedienkonzept & Infotainment
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The drive: sporty and poised.

The new A1 Sportback doesn’t compromise on driving dynamics. Expect agile handling and a sporty, poised driving experience.

Driver assistance systems: keeping you out of harm's way.

Driver assistance systems: keeping you out of harm's way.

The A1 Sportback offers the latest optional equipment in terms of driver assistance systems and safety technology.

More space and comfort.

The new A1 Sportback has increased in length by 5.6 cm, making it more spacious than its predecessor. Its capacity has also increased by 65 litres, providing more luggage room too.

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