Intuitive control logic

Fully integrated: The standard Audi smartphone interface brings Apple Car Play on board.

When a mobile phone running iOS (iOS 7.1 or higher) is connected to the USB port, the smartphone content – e.g. navigation, phone, music as well as selected apps such as Spotify and WhatsApp – is shown in a separate MMI menu.

The functions on the MMI system are laid out with a newly designed menu structure. The menu operation with its flat hierarchies is reminiscent of smartphones – an intelligent, easy-to-use logic replaces static menu trees.

The central point of the terminal: the round rotary pushbutton whose ring is illuminated in white if the optional MMI touch is activated. The sensitive touchpad can be used for inputting signs and for multi-touch control – for example, to take advantage of zoom functions.

The voice control was also refined. You can now use common phrases to call contacts ("I want to call John Smith.") or navigate to a certain destination ("Where is the next gas station?"). It is also possible to dictate text messages.