Maintain an overview at night. The night vision assist improves poor visibility in the dark by visualising the road and surroundings.

The system assists when driving at night by displaying an infrared thermal image of the vehicle’s surroundings in front of the vehicle in the display of the Audi virtual cockpit. People and larger wild animals are highlighted in the display in yellow. If, based on their movements and position, the system detects a potentially hazardous situation, the marking turns to red. A warning triangle is also displayed and an acoustic warning is emitted.

The night vision assist is automatically switched on in the dark, when the dipped beam is activated or the rotary light switch has been set to AUTO.

Extended functions with innovative light systems. In combination with HD matrix LED headlights or HD matrix LED headlights with laser light, a highlighted person in the vehicle’s path is also illuminated with several brief flashes of one of the headlights with the marking light. This enables the driver, who is provided with a warning, to detect people more easily.

Warnings are also displayed in the head-up display (if ordered).
Your benefits
  • can enhance safety when driving at night
  • provides a warning if there are people or large wild animals in the road
  • multi-stage hazard warning
  • optional: marks out people and large wild animals in the road