For even easier manoeuvring, the surround view cameras display a range of different views of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings directly on the upper touchscreen of your vehicle. Useful guidelines on the screen provide orientation when manoeuvring. Even kerbs and stationary obstacles are taken into account.

Four wide-angle surround view cameras capture the entire area immediately around the vehicle. The image data captured by the cameras allows a range of different views controlled via the touchscreen.
The surround view cameras are activated by selecting reverse gear. Alternatively, they can be activated via a button on the centre console or a button on the upper MMI touch response display, as long as the distance indicator is shown.

The following views can be controlled via the top MMI touch response display:
  • continuously variable swivel and zoomable view of the exterior
  • scalable and moveable virtual bird’s-eye view to enable more precise manoeuvring and positioning of the vehicle
  • display of the front or rear wheels for a better view when approaching the kerb
  • reversing camera view with guide elements for bay parking
  • view from the front camera with guidelines make it easier to manoeuvre and to see obstacles in front of the vehicle
  • panoramic view (approximately 180°), front and rear assists with pulling in and out of narrow parking spaces and entrances and on blind intersections.