Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System with 3D sound

The nature of the three-dimensional audio experience will immediately remind you of a large concert hall. The 3D sound gives the music an authentic and surround-sound audio effect. This technical brilliance is reflected by the exclusive aluminium covers and extendable acoustic lenses.

A total of 19 loudspeakers including 3D sound front and rear reproduce thrilling 3D sound Exclusive covers in aluminium with illumination in the front and rear doors as well as high-quality neodymium magnets add impressive accents in the interior, also making the technical brilliance of the system plain to see. The centre speakers and two automatically extending acoustic lenses on the instrument panel create an extremely detailed acoustic perspective in any seat. The loudspeakers, centre speaker and subwoofer each have their own, separate power amplifier.

The three-dimensional sound reproduction is created by means of additional loudspeakers in the A- and B-pillars and the mid-range speakers. The Fraunhofer technology Symphoria 2.0 forms the technological basis of the sound system. As a result, a virtually unrivalled authentic stereo and 3D surround experience is created in the vehicle. All sound sources can be used for the 3D sound reproduction.

Greater breadth, depth and height. Symphoria 2.0 supplements the dimensions that are essential for natural sound. This produces a pleasant sense of dimensionality within the car. At the same time, the physical limits of the vehicle interior appear to dissolve. It feels larger, allowing the music to unfold as originally intended.

More information about Symphoria:
Individual sound components within the audio signal are separated into direct sound, early reflections and reverberations using a semantic analysis process. The Symphoria algorithm distributes the separated audio objects inside the car without adding any artificially generated elements to the music signal. This creates a high-quality, well-balanced 3D sound image for every passenger. 

Bang & Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System includes:
  • 19-channel BeoCore amplifier
  • highly efficient ICE Power amplifiers with a total output of 1,820 watts
  • dynamic driving noise compensation
  • speed-sensitive volume adjustment
  • three-dimensional audio reproduction thanks to the 3D sound feature, front and rear
Your benefits
  • virtually unrivalled authentic stereo and 3D surround experience
  • superb three-dimensional sound production
  • the complete high-class audio experience
  • exclusive design with aluminium covers and extendable acoustic lenses
  • detects undesirable background noise and automatically adjusts the sound