The safety package plus includes a selection of functions that increase safety and comfort on the front and rear seats.

Self-tensioning rear seat belts supplement the self-tensioning front seat belts contained in Audi pre sense basic. In addition to the occupant safety measures included in Audi pre sense basic, all seat belts are tensioned as a preventive measure in response to emergency or evasive braking and when handling at the absolute limits of performance. This can also help to reduce the forward or sidewards movement of the rear occupants.

The extensive airbag equipment now includes a centre airbag that deploys between the front and rear seats if necessary. This means that occupant protection can be increased still further in a side impact or if the vehicle rolls over.

In conjunction with the comfort seat, crash-active head restraints, front are included in the safety package plus. These increase the level of safety in the event of a rear-end collision.

Illuminated belt buckles increase convenience and enhance the appearance of the interior with subtle, high-quality lighting. Searching around for the seat belt buckle in the dark has become a thing of the past.