Lane change assistant with exit warning system and rear cross traffic alert

It’s easy to miss vehicles in your blind spot. In these cases, the system warns of critical situations involving vehicles approaching from behind. It also alerts you to potential collisions when getting out and reverse parking.

This assist system supports the driver in city traffic and on roads with multiple lanes. Within system limits, the driver assist system uses the radar sensors to monitor the area to the rear and side of the vehicle.

Overview for changing lanes. Side assist helps monitor the traffic behind the vehicle.

Two additional radar sensors installed on the rear record vehicles approaching from behind at the side or vehicles alongside. The distance and the speed difference of the vehicles can be measured and analysed. In the event of a situation deemed critical for a lane change, the system warns the driver by means of LED displays in the relevant exterior mirror. If the system detects a critical situation at the moment the driver signals to indicate a lane change, it warns the driver by brightly flashing the warning LEDs several times.

Your back is covered when getting out. If the doors are opened when the vehicle is stationary, the exit warning alerts you to potential collisions with other detected road users, e.g. vehicles approaching from behind.

Cross traffic detection. Rear cross-traffic assist can warn passengers about a potential collision with approaching moving objects (e.g. vehicles in cross traffic) when reversing at speeds up to 10 km/h (e.g. when exiting a parking space).

Detailed information on the various equipment features can be found in the individual descriptions. 

This equipment includes:
  • side assist
  • exit warning
  • rear cross-traffic assist
Your benefits
  • can help enhance safety when driving in city and motorway traffic
  • handy when driving on roads with multiple lanes
  • alerts you to critical lane change situations
  • alerts you to potential collisions when opening the door
  • assists with reversing out of parking spaces by alerting you to approaching vehicles