Comfort key with sensor-controlled luggage compartment release with SAFELOCK

The door handles can also be used to unlock the vehicle without having to actively use the key. This is possible on all doors. You simply need to carry the convenience key with you. Access authorisation is confirmed by wireless communication between the key and the vehicle. To lock the vehicle from the outside, simply touch any of the sensors located on each door handle. The luggage compartment lid can be conveniently unlocked and opened using the luggage compartment button on the convenience key or, if you have your hands full, with a foot gesture (kicking motion) at the rear of the vehicle.

Engine start authorisation is also granted without having to actively use the convenience key. For this, the convenience key has to be inside the vehicle. The engine is switched on and off via the engine start-stop button on the centre console. Elements painted in high-gloss black and metal clips in aluminium look on the sides provide an attractive visual distinction between the upper and lower sides of the convenience key and highlight its innovative functions.

Safelock prevents the doors from being opened from the inside once the vehicle has been locked with the vehicle key.