A practical protection for the vehicle seat when using child seats.

The Audi child seat underlay is designed to coordinated with Audi child seats and the vehicle interior. The vehicle seats are protected thereby better against soiling. Possible marks/imprints from the baby/child seat are reduced, especially when transporting children in rearward facing seats.

The surface materials are easily cleaned. The inner material has an anti-slip coating. The child seat underlay is additionally secured by a belt around the head restraint. There is a magnetic fastener attached to the belt to ease fitting. If the lateral wings of the child seat underlay cause an obstruction or interfere in the area of the seat belt latch then the wing can be folded over without causing problems.

Colour: Black

Items supplied:
  • 1 child seat underlay
  • Fitting instructions 
  • Suitable for all seats, even seats with integrated head restraints
  • The underlay must not be used when securing a baby seat or child seat using the 3-point seat belt. In such a case it can not then be guaranteed that the underlay and the baby seat/child seat are held securely

Your benefits
  • Increased protection of vehicle seats from soiling.
  • Marks/imprints from the child seat are reduced.
  • Also for rearward facing transportation of children.