The custom-made mounting base for the i-Size baby seat.

This way, even the very little ones travel safely. With the i-Size base for use with the Audi i-Size baby seat. The i-Size base is attached to the pre-installed i-Size mounting/anchorage points which form a fixed part of the vehicle body structure. The Audi i-Size baby seat is engaged/locked into the Audi i-Size base. The support foot must be adjusted to the required height. Information on activating and deactivating the front passenger airbag is located in the vehicle operating manual. The Audi i-Size Baby-Safe flex base is exclusively suitable for use with Audi models with i-Size mountings/anchorages. Information and notes are located in the operating instructions/manual. The Audi i-Size baby seat may only be used in rearward facing position (opposite to normal direction of travel).

Items supplied:
  • Audi i-Size Baby-Safe Flex base
  • Operating instructions
  • For the Audi A1: Information on activating and deactivating the front passenger airbag can be found in the vehicle manual.
  • Only suitable for Audi models with standardized i-Size mountings.
  • Only usable in combination with optional Audi i-Size baby seat
  • Read and follow the operating instructions thoroughly before using the Audi i-Size Baby-Safe flex base

Your benefits
  • Easy fitting and use
  • Easy fitting on the i-Size anchorage points
  • Easy and quick fitting of the Audi i-size baby seat without using the vehicle seat belts as the baby seat is secured using the i-Size-anchorage points