Deep-pile textile floor mats, for the rear, black

High-quality dense velour. For a pleasant ambience that oozes comfort and luxury.

The deep pile textile floor mats are made from high-quality densely woven velour. Deep pile means with these textile floor mats a pile depth of 17 mm and a very high surface weight. The luxury upper material ensures a special ambience that provides relaxing comfort. In addition, the deep pile textile floor mats provide reliable protection against dirt.

The floor mats are perfectly shaped to fit the floor of the model. The non-slip coating on the underside with a anti-slip tufting and the fastening points in the floor ensure the mats are held securely in place. The robustness has been tested in extensive tests. The colour matching edging rounds off the high-quality of the product.

Upper material colour: black
Edging colour: soul

Items supplied:
  • 2 items for rear
Only suitable for the Audi A8 L as of model year 2018.

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Your benefits
  • Provides a comfortable ambience.
  • Exact-fit protection for the footwell against dirt.
  • Durable material quality.