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Information and service

Audi lifestyle rewards, service and maintenance, Audi Genuine Accessories, Audi Genuine Parts, mobile services – you’ll find full information at a glance in this section.

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    Get access to exclusive rewards, bespoke events and learn about the world of Audi.
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    The Audi Difference

    Find out more about our seamless service whenever you are in contact with us.

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    Audi Top Service app

    Enjoy integrated services and experience a seamless Audi ownership journey at your fingertips.

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    Service and Maintenance

    The Audi Service range is specially tailored to you and your Audi.

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    Audi Genuine Accessories

    Find out about the full line of products to support your active lifestyle.

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    Audi Genuine Parts

    Audi Genuine Parts deliver the fit, finish and quality you and your Audi deserve.

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    Audi Collection

    Experience the fascination of Audi in many areas of your life.

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    Mobile Device Connectivity

    Enjoy hands-free operation of your mobile and use the Bluetooth connection available across the Audi range.

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    Service promotions

    Your Audi is one of the finest examples of automotive innovation on the road today.

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    myAudi – personalised services

    Find out more about the myAudi personalised services and privileges.

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Our Audi partners look forward to advising you. Find a nearby Audi partner and arrange an appointment with them directly.