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Audi Genuine Brakes

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Audi Genuine Brakes

Audi’s premium-quality standards and precise fit make Audi Genuine Brakes the definition of performance, safety, reliability and comfort combined.

The Brake Disc

A long service life and outstanding braking performance – that is what you get with brake discs from Audi Genuine Parts. Furthermore, they are thermally stable even under extreme load, giving you high levels of braking comfort behind the wheel.

The Brake Pad

From emergency stops to downhill driving or simply stopping at traffic lights, brake pads are subject to an extremely wide range of friction.

Prices* starting from:
Front brake package: $417.30
Usual retail price: $571.38

Rear brake package: $342.40
Usual retail price: $454.75

*Prices shown are based on the model A18X and are inclusive of GST.

Contact us at 6366 2323 for more information.