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Audi Genuine aero wipers

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Audi Genuine aero wipers

Manufactured in accordance with Audi’s premium-quality standards, Audi’s Genuine aero wipers give you the highest possible level of safety through excellent performance and reliability.

Our Genuine aero wipers:

• Are subjected to less wear and tear due to the even distribution of force.

• Function regardless of the vehicle speed thanks to the integrated spoiler.

• Provide superior wiping performance with precision flex rails, which are tailored to the curvature of the windscreen.

• Streak-free cleaning thanks to the high-precision rubber lip.

• Extremely low-noise and smooth operation due to the soft rubber
backing and smooth-running coating.

• Guarantee optimum functionality for various assistance systems (e.g. main beam assist) by clearing their visual fields. The size and radius of the wiper rubber have been adapted for each model for this reason.

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