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3G Connectivity with Audi

Services and apps affected by the 3G sunset

Audi Connect relies on the embedded SIM card in your Audi, and certain vehicles require data connectivity through a 3G mobile network. As Starhub provides data to your Audi, the Mobile Network Operators (“MNOs”) providing such 3G services in Singapore plan to discontinue their 3G services from November 2024.

This action by the MNOs will impact certain models, and Audi Connect will cease to function for reasons beyond Audi’s control.

Audi will ensure to make Audi Connect on the affected vehicles available for the duration of the period in support.

Frequently Asked Questions

As this is a technological obsolescence, local telecommunication providers are moving away from 3G to use the bandwidth to support their faster network. This allows for better experience for users and support enterprises undergoing digital transformation. Unfortunately, this has affected all automotive manufacturers that rely on the 3G network.

Audi vehicles that are operating on a 3G network. Please use the VIN checker to see if your Audi is affected. 

Impacted services include:

  • Audi connect remote & control
  • Audi connect emergency call & service

You may find it on the registration documents of your Audi.