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Audi supports the ideas from young talent at One Young World

The One Young World Summit has been held in London from October 22 to 25. Audi is sponsoring ten dedicated young employees who are volunteering their time for environmental projects. These include the plan to make books out of cigarette butts.

1,500 talented young people from over 190 countries will meet in London

Every year for the last ten years, around 1,500 talented young people from more than 190 countries have met at the One Young World Summit. The summit’s goal is to support young visionaries between the ages of 18 and 30 and help them connect in order to develop solutions to global problems. Celebrities from the worlds of politics and science, such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or rock musician and patron Sir Bob Geldof, support the visionaries in realizing their ideas.

Audi AG and the Audi Environmental Foundation sponsor young talent

This year, AUDI AG is sending ten young employees from their various global headquarters to the One Young World Summit as delegates. At the summit, they will have the chance to connect with kindred spirits, experts and mentors. After the summit, Audi will support its employees in implementing their ideas. Social engagement is a key value at Audi, which is why the Audi Environmental Foundation is sponsoring an additional 15 young people from around the world. The scholars had the opportunity to apply for a stipend from the foundation, which is granted together with One Young World. Afterwards, the Audi Environmental Foundation plans a long-term partnership with the scholars.

Audi at One Young World Summit 2019

Emmanuel and the cigarette butt Ecofilter

Emmanuel Acosta is one of the delegates. The 27-year old Mexican collects discarded cigarette butts and, in collaboration with ECOFILTER, helps to turn the pollution into something useful. ECOFILTER removes all toxins from the stubs and uses the recycled material to make notebooks, boxes or flowerpots. “I work in central operational management. I am very passionate about my job at Audi Mexico,” says Emmanuel, “and I have the same passion for this project.”

One cigarette butt pollutes 50 liters of water

His primary goal is to reduce the large number of cigarette butts on beaches and in the forests of his homeland — and of course at Audi Mexico in San José Chiapa. “Cigarette butts are the no. 1 waste product found on beaches and in forests throughout the world. And the toxins contained in a single stub are sufficient to contaminate 50 liters of water. I am working on reducing the consumption of cigarettes and on improving the processing after they are consumed. Those are the keys to a more sustainable world.” With the help of the One Young World Summit, he wants to raise awareness on a global scale.

The remaining nine delegates

Edmond Chin, Automated Driving Big Data Management, China

Edmond’s project is all about artificial intelligence: “The next industrial revolution.” The goals of the project are to create awareness of the potential social impact of artificial intelligence and provide suggestions on how to pursue such technology in a responsible manner. Much consideration takes place when designing and developing any artificial intelligence algorithms, including the social impact and the effect on the integrity of the company. All of this work and these experiences will also serve as a guide for future projects.

Adam Holecska, Production Planner V6 TDI Measurement Processes, Hungary

Adam’s goal is it to reduce CO₂ emissions by going to work. He plans to organize a one- to two-month competition between plants. If 1,000 of his colleagues were to commute to work by bicycle instead of by car, up to one or two 2 metric tons of CO₂ emissions could be saved per month, and up to five metric tons of CO₂ could be saved globally.

Waldemar Jakunin, Industrial Engineering Body Shop, Belgium

Waldemar wants to start a “Speak Up!” initiative. His goal is to increase holistic awareness and responsibility for environmental issues. The project relates to the following SDGs: “responsible consumption and production” and “climate action.”

Veronika Kerpel, Quality Engineer, Hungary

Veronika wants to use the “smart factory” in a new way to reduce the greenhouse effect, save energy, and ensure a habitat for honeybees. With her project, she would establish solar panels on the rooftops of our factory buildings, under which she would plant flowers. After they have finished blossoming, she would compost them and produce biogas.

Austen Lowe, Diversity Consultant, Belgium

Austen’s equation is quite simple 4000 x me = 1 we. Audi Brussels is a factory of 4000 staff, all divers in their own way – four common languages, a workforce of 30 nationalities, different genders and sexual orientations – but together they are Audi Brussels. Austen aims to engage diversity ambassadors in each department in order to create an environment where the staff members are able to bring their whole selves to the workplace, to reduce inequality and increase awareness and respect for others who belong to the Audi Brussels community.

Isabel Menendez, Specialist in Personnel Development, Mexiko

Isabel wants to develop a special experience catalogue. The goals of her project are to give employees the opportunity to have experiences as a way of developing Audi competencies and at the same time have an impact on the education of the region and the younger generations through our experts in technical topics. She wants to blend the lines between Audi México and San José Chiapa through experiences in which both sides can gain technical and soft-skill knowledge.

Christoph Praun, Expert for Life-Cycle Assessment, Germany

Christoph works on the “decarbonization index (DKI).” Together with colleagues from all over the VW group, he aims to develop a KPI in order to measure the specific CO₂-footprint of the Audi brand and to reduce the DKI to roughly 0% in 2050. The methodology of the DKI has already been fully defined, it has been rolled out for the whole Audi brand, and communication throughout the company has begun.

Tong Qu, Development Engineer, HAD Mobility Service Systems, China

Tong is working on a project called “Children’s Public Security System in Vehicles”. Audi’s technology can make a better world to children and the human society. The goal of Tong’s project is to make use of the equipment in vehicles, to recognize danger with children’s companion in public, and seek security and protection from guardian and police. “Industry, innovation, and infrastructure,” “sustainable cities and communities,” and “peace, justice, and strong institutions” are the SDGs to which this project relates.

Natalie Rybicki, Data Analyst and Coordinator of Used Car Consumer and Business Studies, Germany

Natalie’s goal with her project “Back to school for one hour per week!” is to provide immigrant children in need the opportunity to receive free personal tutoring and improve their performance in the classroom. She also aims for simply spending time with these children, taking interest in them personally, and showing them care.